Igniting passion for entrepreneurship
We worked with Tamkeen to conceive, plan and execute a plan to engage Bahraini youth in an attractive business plan competition.
The Mashroo3i Youth Business Plan Competition was a big step towards inspiring Bahraini youth to believe in the opportunities of entrepreneurship and activate them to work towards becoming entrepreneurs.

The Mashroo3i youth business plan competition was launched to increase awareness about entrepreneurship among Bahrainis aged 15-23 years

For the launch, an exciting online teaser campaign comprising of a series of teaser videos were released on Mashroo3i’s Social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter. Slickly edited videos showing dramatic shots of Bahraini youth created drama and suspense by posing questions like “Do you know Ali?” “Do you know Reem?” “Do you know Ahmed?”. Students were attracted to register online for the competition. The online campaign was supported through mall activations and school presentations. An offline version of the teasers was made in the form of business cards that were distributed anonymously at schools

Activations included student models that would pose as entrepreneurs at shopping malls and engage with the audience. Students were thus encouraged to submit their business idea and register online

Shortlisted contestants were then assigned to Mentors who would provide them training on preparing their own business plan. Mashroo3i’s website served as a comprehensive web resource center for these budding entrepreneurs. Students would interact with their Mentors on Mashroo3i’s interactive web platform called “Baini o bainek” (meaning “between you and me”).



Mentors provided training to shortlisted teams with inspiring business ideas on the website’s interactive platform. Mashroo3i website and social media channels were continuously updated with entertaining viral videos, keeping the campaign alive with rich additional content. Mashroo3i’s Facebook page became a “Reality Show” platform where the progress of student teams was monitored and discussed.
Instant updates were available on www.facebook.com/mashroo3i.

As students and mentors became brand ambassadors on the social media network, Mashroo3i became a well-known brand in Bahrain in a very short time.The competition was viewed like a Reality Show format, but much cheaper because it was done on Social Media and not on TV or offline media!

• The Mashroo3i Business Plan Competition was like a “crash course” in Entrepreneurship,
Business Planning & Establishment. In the final leg of the competition, the public witnessed an
exciting Business Prototype exhibition at a popular mall where the finalists exhibited their
business to the “real” world.

• Providing a vibrant and interactive forum where students, mentors and entrepreneurs came
together on a single platform.

• Creating a web-based resource center that would be the hub of activities during the
Competition and will be used as a resourceful, interactive and youth-friendly website.

• The campaign brought students and professional mentors and entrepreneurs together.
• Due to the fact that all interaction was online, there was tremendous savings on cost and connected directly with our core target audience.
• The campaign met the Client’s ultimate objective to develop enterprising skills and attitudes among students.


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