Qatar Nanny Training Academy Project
Building the case for Arab Muslim nannies through cultural relevance.

The Qatar Nanny Training Academy provides training to Arab Muslim potential nannies. Our creative concept emphasized the value of raising Qatari children with proper physical as well as spiritual care.

Most Qatari families agree that their young ones should be brought up in traditional values. However, due to a busy lifestyle, children are often left in the care of maids who have to double up as nannies. The Qatar Nanny Training Academy (QNTA) is not only about quality childcare but all about preserving a child’s cultural identity based on Qatari and Islamic roots.

Therefore, our campaign highlighted the role of native language and culture in the upbringing of children the world over. Enter the professionally trained Arab Muslim nanny from QNTA… the central focus of our campaign.

Employing culturally relevant thinking to be effective, the QNTA campaign inspires Qatari families to use the services of highly qualified Arab Muslim Nannies and ensure that their children are raised in the best Qatari and Islamic values.


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