Rise of everyday superheroes

From DarOtakwin to DaDeDo… the Arabian Gulf’s local agency represents the rise of everyday superheroes.

DaDeDo is simply an expression of the mystery behind man’s infinite creative abilities.

In a world where…
“Creativity” is a worn-out cliché…
“Innovative” is no longer an exclusive claim…
“Great service” does not even provoke a second look…
…you still need to go beyond the obvious and the mundane.

DaDeDo describes the next great creative idea from beyond.



The desire for change

DarOtakwin, an agency with a majority of local talent aspired to start an authentic creative and design movement in the Arabian Gulf. After 4 years of fair success and growth in four major cities in the region, we were still not able to penetrate the major league of large regional accounts. The brands of the international networks were too dominant.

An opportunity arose when the agency was featured by thenetworkone as one of 13 leading independent agencies of the world. We decided to rebrand and launch a bold brand that will establish market leader positioning.

Challenges and key objectives

Multinational agency networks and expatriate talent and creative thought dominate the Arabian Gulf. Local agencies find it hard to compete for regional accounts. In fact, local talent cannot group with enough concentration to produce the critical mass required for a local creative school of thought to emerge. This situation has lead to mediocre creative output, non-connecting communication and the dilution of local cultural identity.

Our key objectives:

  • Develop a unique brand with universal appeal and a hint of local authenticity.
  • Our new brand would bear clear relevance to the unconventional branded entertainment and content approach of the agency.

The Solution: A new name
We re-branded as DaDeDo – a universal lyrical name that describes the creative frontier where no one has gone before; the next great creative idea that redefines conventions and plays in your head like a great melody.

It has Arabic roots  – DarOtakwin has been abbreviated as DO. Then it was accentuated with the two other Arabic accents to create a familiar Arabic tune from school days. It also leaves traces of our old brand.

DaDeDo reflects our brave, authentic and fluid culture to a global audience. “Let’s DaDeDo”, our one word tagline that connects to our logo, is an invitation to join our movement of exploration and authenticity.

The logo: dynamic and ever evolving
We conceived a dynamic logo that constantly changes and evolves. The logotype is not restricted to a specific typeface or color, while brand identification and consistency are achieved by the name, the rhythmic capital D’s and small vowels and the Arabic accents.

Our logotype can be read simultaneously in English from left to right and in Arabic from right to left. The identity was launched with five logotypes. More logotypes will be released for various occasions and trends in the future.

Unique 5th element: everyday superheroes
We created a very unique 5th element for the brand which would also serve as our communication platform.

DaDeDo is a company of everyday superheroes… We used our own team members as superheroes, each with their own unique superpowers… In fact, our fifth element is a celebration of all creative people (agencies, marketers, producers, et al) …the brave, the creative, hardworking and loving, ordinary super-heroes who strive to make our world a bit more magical everyday.

This portrays what DaDeDo stands for… an expression of the mystery behind man’s infinite creative abilities – emphasizing our culture… superheroes are brave and fluid.





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