Raising awareness for a good cause

Creating empathy and motivating people to donate towards ROTA’s projects.
We supported Reach Out To Asia (ROTA) as we launched a campaign in Ramadan 2014 to raise funds for children and youth in need to support their educational needs.

ROTA’s projects aim to provide and increase access to educational facilities, projects and resources.

We helped ROTA launch a campaign during Ramadan to inspire and motivate people to give towards ROTA’s projects, particularly for Lebanon (Syrian Refugees), Palestine, Yemen, Nepal and Pakistan

We used a stop-motion video technique to showcase how the target audience could help make the underprivileged children’s dreams come true. The chalkboard visual associated the brand with education and further highlighted the creative power of making a simple donation. In addition to the TVC and outdoor ads, an interesting kiosk was also designed to attract mall visitors to contribute to the worthy cause.



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