Branded entertainment for work ethics
We worked with Tamkeen to create the “a9eel” campaign inspired by Bahraini culture to put the spotlight on positive work attitudes.

a9eel is probably the first social awareness campaign in Bahrain that innovatively integrates communication, entertainment, technology and culture, conceived and implemented by Bahrainis, utilizing humour as a vehicle to motivate change.

Tamkeen, Bahrain’s semi-government organization tasked with human capital development and enterprise support programs, wanted to raise awareness about work ethics among Bahrainis.
We created a nationwide “a9eel” campaign inspired by contemporary Bahraini culture that put the spotlight on positive work attitudes.

The a9eel campaign was initiated to highlight and promote work ethics for Bahraini employees and companies. To communicate the concept of positive work attitudes with humour, we used an innovative 3-strip Comic format. The characters created for the comic strip reflected different attitudes and personalities that are encountered at work. As a creative first, the comic strip concept was adapted to innovative cut-outs and lampposts.

A “drama-dy” TV series was also conceptualized. For the first time in Bahrain, the script was written not by one person but by a team of Bahraini writers The TV series, broadcast during Ramadan (2010), engaged viewers in a stimulating portrayal of attitudes and mindsets towards work. It achieved second-highest viewership ratings during that period.




A9eel TV series:
was one of the highest viewed programs in Bahrain during Ramadan 2010. The production values and content was one of the highest seen in regional TV productions.

Mall installations:
We placed a bed right in the center of City Center Mall! Visitors were asked to wake up an actor who was supposedly sleeping in order for him to get to work on time! Public had a fun time interacting with the actor and the message reached home with humour.

99.999% Bahraini thinking, talent and production
Based on a proven international methodology
for change management (ADKAR)
Precision targeting through local dialect and humour
Converging communication, entertainment,
technology and culture
Unconventional and interactive mall installations



We also created an inflatable “Monster” that would represent negative attitudes. Whenever the monster would arise, the public was given balls to hit specific spots on the monster that were labeled with negative work attitudes and thus “kill” the monster.

Comic Strip Print Ads:
Innovative 3-strip format reflects different attitudes and personalities we encounter at work. As a creative first, the comic strip concept was adapted to innovative cut-outs and lampposts.

Visitors to www.a9eel.bh could rate their own work ethics and invite others to play the “rating game”!


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