Gala Dinner
Social Development Center
“Living Brazil” – blooming for a social cause
Inspired by the joy, passion and creative
exuberance of Brazil, DaDeDo created a
brand for SDC’s 8th Gala Dinner.

Living Brazil invites one to “Live” all that Brazil stands for – its creativity, culture, joy, passion, festivity, fun, energy, openness, liveliness, colour and multi-cultural Brazilian atmosphere in Qatar.


Social Development Center, a part of Qatar Foundation, has organized seven previous themed Charity Gala Dinners since 2001 to raise funds for SDC initiatives and to encourage prestigious stakeholders to participate in community development. For 2013, the theme focused on highlighting the synergies between Brazil and Qatar in diverse areas of economy, culture and sports.

Based on our research, we discovered that the most common perceptions associated with Brazil are rainforests, football, and festivals. Rich and vibrant colours, energetic people, lively celebrations… these are core aspects of Brazil’s identity as a nation. The brand essence of the event was thus: “Living Brazil”.

As this was a one-time event, we believed that the theme or identity should reflect the essence of Brazil to the fullest and not seek to be timeless in its appeal. This way, we ensured a lot of freedom in creating the identity. In fact, the brand identity transcended the limitations of a printed brand mark to inspire artifacts, decorative items, and physical objects.


The print ads and online campaign invited the audience to “Live the passion” of the event. Finding common pillars between Brazil and Qatar such as sports, culture and environment, each of the ads focused on a creatively expressing the synergies.

VIP Gift:
Artisans experienced in creating luxurious designs for royalty handcrafted each part of the “Flower of Brazil” cultural artifact. The flower and its stem are made of sterling silver plated by 24 carat gold. Twenty Belgium cut round diamonds bejewel the flower. The core is adorned with natural turquoise, handpicked and delicately set with a constellation of eleven diamonds. Specially dyed goose feathers embellish and provide a luxurious finishing touch.


The lyrics from a musical portrait of Brazil, “Blessed by God, beautiful by nature, gifted with flair and flexibility…” encapsulates the logo’s theme. The graphic elements painted within the design are emblematic of the country.

Overall, the design reflects the pride and passion of Brazil. The colour, energy and music that typify Brazil are portrayed in this logo. Inspired by the colourful flora of the country, the logo depicts passion, creativity and festivity.

Inspired by Brazilian flamboyance especially evident during its Carnivals, the logo reflects the joie de vivre of Brazil. The feathers symbolize Brazilians ability to rise above their problems. The bright spray of yellow petals of the country’s national flower is symbolic of national wealth and prosperity. The six connections or synergies between Qatar and Brazil are creatively depicted as part of the logo’s 5th element.



Event Collateral:
The event collateral comprised of an exhaustive list of support branding material such as backgrounds, signage, event literature, etc.

• The brand captured the essence of Brazil and brought it to life through the creative look and feel of the event.
• It showcased the Brazilian theme and the synergy/connections that Brazil has with Qatar in core areas.
• The branding and advertising reflected the role of Social Development Centre and promoted its attributes in the field of human and community development.

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