Continuing the success story of Mashroo3i

The second edition of Mashroo3i was opened to a bigger audience to create wider engagement and learning experiences.
We helped support Tamkeen’s vision for entrepreneurship as entrepreneurs are vital to economic growth and, consequently, to higher living standards.

The Mashroo3i Business Awards was launched in 2012 and the competition attracted a lot of interest from the target audience aged between 15 and 23 years. Mashroo3i 2013, likewise, engaged young Bahrainis in a challenging business plan development and prototyping competition. Over a period of six months, we helped organize and manage the training provided by mentors to contestants. The young contestants not only received training in Business Planning, they also made friends, had fun and got inspired to consider entrepreneurship as an option for their future career.



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On April 17th 20014, the Mashroo3i Prototyping Exhibition was inaugurated at City Centre, Bahrain. Each team was provided with an exhibition booth to display their business prototype, attracting a lot of attention from mall visitors and onlookers.

During the two days of the Exhibition, Mashroo3i Judges rated the individual team stalls based on the quality of the business idea in terms of innovation and uniqueness, as well as on the strength of project management, and the clarity and persuasiveness of the business outlet. The public was also encouraged to visit these stalls and rate the teams.

An exhilarating atmosphere pervaded the exhibition area as teams competed with one another to score points. The level of excitement reached the heights when each team made their final business pitch to the judges through a live presentation at the venue.


Finally, on April 19th, Mashroo3i competition winners were announced in a grand Award Ceremony that was attended by the participants, their parents, mentors, judges, media, officials as well as the public.

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