Qatar Business Incubation Center

Igniting the passion for innovative Qatari enterprises


QBIC is the largest mixed incubator in the MENA region with a passion for developing innovative enterprises. Our design for the brand identity for Qatar Business Incubation Center (QBIC) encompasses the brand essence of “nurturing and catalyzing Qatari success”.
The design symbolically portrays the mass of enterprises converging to and emerging from the “QBIC” point (illuminated core). It’s converging to be empowered and emerging with new ideas, inspiration and innovation to inspire the whole nation. The sense of movement conveys the spirit of start-ups… and appears to be igniting or generating the economy. Overall, the 5th element inspires a deeper communication of the brand, completes and complements the brand.
In addition to QBIC’s brand identity, we designed a PowerPoint presentation template for corporate presentation as well as conceived and developed a user-oriented responsive Website.





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