Al Rajhi App Digital Content Marketing Campaign - Ahmed wa Salem


Al Rajhi Bank mobile app features a comprehensive selection of Al Rajhi Bank transactions. The bank wanted to increase new customer acquisition — primarily among digital savvy Saudis — while also increasing daily active users among current customer and increasing adoption by conventional customers. Crucially, the Al Rajhi Bank app had to be positioned as the epitome of financial solution tools through engaging social media communication.


After studying the market, understanding the different target groups and analyzing all the data, we created a big idea platform and communication strategy to achieve our campaign objectives across the Attract, Inform, Engage and Delight phases.
We told consumers that ‘You are More’ when you bank on the Al Rajhi Bank mobile app. To highlight this, we created two starkly different personas — Ahmed and Salem.
Ahmed represented an ideal user who lived a life of convenience thanks to the Al Rajhi Bank mobile app, and Salem represented the user who preferred the traditional approach to banking.
The dichotomy in their lives was brought to life through a series of fun and engaging branded content videos that were shared on TV and social media, as well as carousels and Instagram stories.
We chose comedy as the vehicle for our message, this enabled us to drive engagement and connect with our target audience across age groups.


  • The campaign was a remarkable success and delivered outstanding performance metrics, such as:
    • 110% YoY increase in app downloads (1.2 million app downloads in the month immediately after the campaign aired)
    • 80% increase in overall app logins
    • 50% view rate on Twitter (vs. industry average of 35%)
    • 42% view completion rate for the entire campaign on YouTube
    • 48% view completion rate on Snapchat
    • 100% view completion rate on local apps
  • Cost per view/swipe results:
    • 1.3 cents per view on YouTube
    • 0.53 cents per view on Twitter
    • 1.6 cents per view on Instagram
    • 1.3 cents per swipe on Snapchat (vs. industry average of 2 cents)