“A leading internal communication and culture engagement consultancy.”

We are an internal communication and culture engagement consultancy offering expertise in strategy, creative communication, design and content development.

We carry a vast portfolio from our over three decade journey in serving government agencies and large organizations in communicating, engaging and actualizing their visions for actualizing their visions for engagement, change and transformation.

Proudly serving the Gulf for more than 30 years!


  • The team at DaDeDo was very helpful in crafting a creative solution for communicating our company vision & mission with our intended audiences in a way that was engaging with the employees. The team helped us streamline our collaboration from the get go and that gave us confidence in their ability to deliver. From the creative output to the unique Microsite idea, it has been a great experience for us. We’d definitely recommend the team at DaDeDo for creative, high quality & effective internal communication.

    Ahmed Aljohani

  • Working with DaDeDo has been extremely refreshing. The enthusiastic team led by the very passionate & creative leadership has been a monumental in helping us develop a new strategy from a creative perspective. The new brand that was delivered to us are truly beautiful and we absolutely love them. The team also took us step by step throughout the rebranding process & helped us revision our brand from the ground up. I’d definitely recommend DaDeDo for anyone that’s looking to brand or re-brand their business.

    Dana AlTimimi
    Chief Marketing Officer / Co-Founder/ Partner - Bedashing (UAE)

  • We got in touch with DaDeDo as we’d been thinking of revisualizing our brand identity for a while now. We essentially wanted to move towards a more chic, modern & international brand but were unfortunately unable to find someone who we could connect with. However, DaDeDo’s creativity was something that immediately stood out and we instantly knew that we wanted to work with them.

    Noor Al Tamimi
    Chief Executive Officer, Bedashing (UAE)

  • DaDeDo has demonstrated great effort, dedication & collaboration during our partnership and have assisted us greatly in establishing a strong visual identity for our center. DaDeDo’s collaboration & constant thorough communication has resulted in an impactful & innovative visual brand for our Wifaq Centre and helped aligned us towards a success.

    Rashed AlDossary
    Managing Director-Wifaq (Qatar)

  • We’ve shared a long working relationship with DaDeDo for over 3 years now. Our experience of working with them has been great throughout. With their exceptional customer service, to their design & creative thinking and implementation process, DaDeDo delivers on all fronts. Furthermore, they have been instrumental in helping us craft audience specific brand strategies. The team has been expert advisors in helping us reach the right audience, the right number of times within the budgets that we had in place. The creativity that comes along with the team at DaDeDo has definitely added value to our marketing operations.

    Nawal Al Menhali
    Vice President Marketing Department- ADNOC Distribution (UAE)

  • Working with DaDeDo is exciting as with each new proposal and each new assignment, we unravel a new dimension and perspective that is challenging, insightful & impactful. The team at DaDeDo are exceptionally creative & passionate about their ideas and what they create.

    Amal Al Kooheji
    Chief Operating Officer, Tamkeen (Bahrain)

  • Being able to transform a local agency into a reputable empire takes a lot of grit & DaDeDo has managed to do that despite the crowded market it operates in. They have successfully been able to achieve this and convert boring creative briefs from the Government into exciting work. Keep rocking the world!

    Tarek Kassar
    Outreach & Communications Manager, Silatech (Qatar)

  • I would like to express my sincere thanks to DaDeDo & the entire team for their exceptional efforts in helping us transform our culture and create a unique communication program. I highly value their continuous & great support. I would like to express my appreciation and thanks to you personally, your respected company & the employees for your generosity, constructive participation & sincere willingness to deliver effective results during your work on project activities & events.

    Amaal Abdullatif Al-Manaai
    CEO- Qatar Foundation for Social Work (Qatar)

  • Working with DaDeDo has been a unique & exceptional experience. They have helped us effectively in creating & developing plans & strategies for our new path that we look forward to introduce to the community. The team has always stood out for their sincerity. We were made to feel more than a “customer” & the relationship has continued to grow despite the work being done. The team at DaDeDo have been instrumental in guiding us & clarifying to us the possibilities & challenges that we might encounter, helping setup for success through their precise and thorough creative design process.

    Hamad Al-Marri
    Head of Community Awareness- Nama (Qatar)

  • We came to DaDeDo to address the core issue of trying to resonate with audiences that span different age groups, cultures & educational background and essentially help build awareness. Through their reliable & high quality creative work, DaDeDo helped us bridge the gap in this communication and ensured that all our communication resonated with the intended audiences. From their quality of delivery to their customer service, DaDeDo has performed exceptionally well for us.

  • DaDeDo has provided us with a very quick turn-around for our requests to convert our materials. The work was executed reliably & we received a high quality product from them. We appreciate the effectiveness of the team and are looking forward to working with them again.

  • Working with DaDeDo was enriching. The team is incredibly talented & comprises of extremely creative individuals & team members who together helped deliver high quality, creative & effective communication for us. I am looking forward to working with them for future projects.


Our clients are some of the bravest marketers in the region who look to create magical work that inspire culture, stimulate passion, and empower experiences. Reflecting this drive and passion of our clients, we consider our clients as partners who, like us, want to transcend the ordinary, and whom we call the “Transcending Innovators” of the region:

















  • Internal Communication Agency

    Employee Engagement Consultancy


    Many cultural change initiatives fail because of the informational, rather than transformational, communication approaches. Courageous leaders with a vision for brighter future for their organizations and employees ensure:

    • Internal communication is strategically planned and consistently communicates the vision of change.
    • Every campaign or employee awareness program is a captured opportunity to ignite and inspire an intentionally designed culture.
    • Communication is focused on explaining not only the what, but the why too.
    • Employees feel safe, motivated, genuinely “engaged” and embrace change.
    • Empathetic management owns, leads and coaches the change movement.


    The most powerful economic growth engines in developed nations are high performance organizations, which institutionalize the creation of high-performance culture of purpose, excellence and innovation.

    The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the nations of the Arabian Gulf are all striving to achieve ambitious visions for the prosperity of their people. Visions of prosperity that are based on transformational socio-economic development initiatives. Embedded in this movement is an underlying premise that “We can only thrive and prosper if we muster the ability to grow and sustain high performance organizational cultures.”

    DaDeDo strives to be a dedicated contributor to these progressive movements by empowering organizations to design and grow the high-performance culture they need to drive change and progress.


    The purpose of internal communication is to ensure that everybody in the organization has the information they need to work towards, and eventually achieve, a common goal. DaDeDo helps organizations strategize, plan and achieve their internal communication goals. But we go much further than that…

    DaDeDo supports organizational leaders in developing an intentional organizational culture by strategizing and implanting an employee engagement framework, designing and manifesting a unique employee experience and ensuring that your internal communication activities are aligned with these strategic objectives.

    In summary, DaDeDo supports large organizations and communities in understanding and mapping their endemic cultures and align them with leadership vision

    • Through a high-performance culture, that is:
      • Intentionally designed
      • Inspirationally communicated
      • Experientially implemented
    • Utilizing:
      • State of the art, Design Thinking based strategies, methods and tools
      • Strategically authored and creatively produced content
      • Engaging and innovative employee experience



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