Al Rajhi Bank’s Magic Portal Website


Alrajhi Bank was looking to demonstrate to its consumers how the app can save them time on banking. This was possible not just through a smart and simple interface, but also because everything needed for banking was available in one single place.

The time they were able to save on banking would allow consumers to do more and be more in their lives. The bank wanted to communicate this with the audience through an approach that wasn’t overtly direct.


We realized that to truly connect with consumers, we needed to tell an engaging and emotional story. We informed consumers that by banking on the Al Rajhi Bank mobile app, You are More. We created a compelling script but later realized that it would have more gravitas in terms of emotion and impact if the story was linked to the occasion of Eid. Within a week, we planned, prepared and shot the film – bringing it to life a few days before Eid.

We then weaved in the key aspects of the festival – giving, sharing and celebrating – all through the film, to highlight how Al Rajhi Bank app enabled all of it in a simple manner. Each scene in the film featured a magic portal which our protagonist used to go about spreading the joy of Eid wherever he went during his day. This served to effectively demonstrate how the Al Rajhi Bank app empowered him to do more, and therefore be more.

Success Matrix:

The campaign was paused and re-activated a week before the shoot date- it was tight but the the result was great and the client was satisfied.


We launched our film shortly before Eid, on TV and social media getting millions of views in the process, demonstrating just how engaging the film was. Through a communication matrix that spanned radio, digital banners, social media posts, in-branch video and TV, we effectively communicated the key benefits of the Al Rajhi bank app leading to a significant spike in app downloads and monthly app users.