Aramco’s HCM launch of a new HR system


To help Saudi Aramco, communicate the launch of the all new customized & integrated Human Resources Digital Transformation system's modules by SAP Success factors. The idea was to create awareness, easy transition and adoption of the new system for all employees while cultivating a collaborative working culture to empower, nurture and develop talent - in alignment to the organizations goals & strategy.


We performed in-depth workshops with designated Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), internal team members and external partners, and were able to gain insights, highlight and develop value propositions for each module (6 in total) and three levels of target audience segments that aligned with the vision and mission statements of the organization. This enabled the formation of highly effective and unique communication messages that were then targeted to the respective stakeholders.

Our multi-touchpoint strategy incorporated various communication channels designed to draw the employees attention and encourage them to discover more about the new integrated system, simplifying some of the learning content into bite-sized emailers. Ensuring that the employees were informed, proactive and open to the idea of adopting the 'new' system. Creating catchy slogans for each module that fit in with the overall theme of the campaign meant the campaign had a playful and fun element to it that encouraged organic engagement.

The videos played a key-role in exciting the audience to know more about the systems.

Success Matrix:

The campaign performed as intended and were measured through data as internal team members actively accessed the new system after coming across the campaign at various touch-points.


The overall communication matrix and campaign was a success, the Townhall event and surveys, where employees could learn how to use different modules, had high employee participation numbers resulting in high employee engagement (eNP) scores. Furthermore, the overall high standard of creativity meant that the awareness campaign created a buzz whilst the HR department was able to apply best practices and take action to improve employee engagement - in turn enabling the success of the overall vision and missions of the organization.