As businesses grow and compete for talent, internal communication has evolved from merely being a means for management to talk down to employees, to becoming the lifeline of a business.

Beyond just communicating expectations to the employees, organizations need to connect at a deeper level across the hierarchy to create shared understanding and meaning; pivotal to drive productivity, loyalty, innovation and belief in what the organization is doing and everyone’s role in making success happen.

DaDeDo delivers the perfect solutions to help you tap the pulse of your organization – assessing how you communicate with your employees and optimizing your internal communication tools, tactics and channels to align and connect your people, purpose and strategy, enabling you to create a unique and truly satisfying employee experience.

1. Internal communication strategy and planning

Your employees are your top brand ambassadors and internal communication is a key driver for employee engagement and trust, and an overall strong corporate culture. Just as external communications, your internal communication ideas and tactics need to be formulated as a well-conceived and planned strategy. “No random acts!”

Likewise, an internal communications plan is the blueprint to effectively implement the internal communication strategies to best deliver on key business needs and opportunities throughout an organization.

Starting with mapping your audience, objectives, and goals, our Design Thinking based strategy development method (here is a link to our method plans, defines, and clearly communicates your business goals and the action plan to achieve them with your employees – while streamlining your employee communication channels to effectively reach and engage employees, in accordance with the internal communication plan; one that facilitates all the important conversations and engagement among management and employees.

2. Communication Audit

As your business evolves overtime, so do your stakeholders, audiences and communication channels. Prerequisite for effectual communications plan, communication audit helps assess the effectiveness of your existing internal communications and identify future action-plan.

DaDeDo undertakes and audits your internal communications with utmost objectivity across the steps involved; right from data collation to evaluation and analysis to finally making recommendations for further improvement and presenting the revamped communication plan with new strategy and tactics: the ultimate outcome of the audit. The audit also extensively covers communication resources, systems and processes to examine the company’s ability to fulfill its objectives. We help you become a better communicator by ensuring consistency of the right cadence, the right messages, and the right channels in your internal communications strategy.

3. Standards and Guidelines

For effective top-down communication and assessment of the efficacy of internal communication methods and practices within your organization, it is essential to adopt well-established internal communication guidelines, underlining strategic policies and procedures to follow for effective information communication and employee engagement – especially in the modern work-culture where your workforce is no longer restricted within office premises for work.

DaDeDo helps you define standards that are tested for reliability and based on best-practices for benchmarking your internal communication initiatives to better plan and assess the value of communications for your organization.

4. HR Communication

The core of any organization are its people, and HR is the functionary who communicates the most critical messages of the organization acting as a connect between its management and employees.

DaDeDo helps streamline and enhance the overall effectiveness of your key HR communications that help your workforce succeed like onboarding and new-employee orientation, company overviews, benefits communication, employee welfare, and company policies and newsletters among others.

We craft compelling messages to keep employees motivated and informed; optimized according to your existing communication vehicles to ensure the messages are perceived as intended by the target audience, resulting high employee engagement and satisfaction.

5. Learning & Development

Employee engagement is key for any organization’s optimal performance, and dedicated employee training and development is essential to foster employee engagement.

We help you effectively communicate your employee training and development programs with a 360-degree approach merging advanced technological platforms and creativity that works both to increase employee participation and engagement, thus boosting the overall success of the program by encouraging the employees to enroll and grow in their careers.

6. Purpose, Vision, Mission, Values Statements and Communication

The defining statements of your organization (purpose, vision, mission, values) help your employees understand the direction the company is headed in and their role in achieving the company vision, thus creating a connect between the organization and employees, and affecting higher levels of engagement, trust, and productivity among your workforce.

We help you create and communicate the defining statements of your organization, such that the strategic goals, core values, vision, and mission of your organization are ingrained in your employees to elicit the desired organizational behavior through internal communication.

7. Crisis management Communication

A crisis strikes at all things critical to your organization – your reputation, credibility, customer relations, and your bottom line; it is the acid test of your organization’s internal communications functions.

Good internal communications help avoid a crisis in the first place, manage the impact if a crisis unfolds, and help extract positive outcomes post-crisis.
With the right approach, the right messages and the right communication channels, we help organizations to avert as well as respond to any crisis situation quickly, accurately, and consistently in order to mitigate the consequences, ensuring employee safety, minimizing damage to your brand, and return your workforce to productivity, building trust among employees.

8. Corporate and Employee Events

Office Anniversary, Town Hall, Webinar, or Virtual Events, whatever the occasion that calls for high employee participation and engagement, DaDeDo’s design-thinking based strategic approach crafts the right messages that connect with your employees and align the intent of your event with their values, needs and desires.

To ensure high event performance and produce the intended outcomes, our strategic communications plan is designed to promote the event throughout the different phases: pre, post, and during the event, interacting actively with your target audience: Your Employees.

9. HR and IT software and systems implementations

Technological changes and innovations are a necessity to optimize businesses and their operations. However as necessary as it may be, the employees are more often rigid and resistive of change, as it stirs them out of their comfort zones, altering the conventional procedures and methods they are comfortable with and used to.

We communicate change by creating the right perspective to nullify the negative attitudes and unwillingness to adopt change. The messages are crafted after researching the reasons for employees’ reluctance towards a particular technology, and taking empathetic approach to design and develop a strategy that addresses the employees’ concerns and reservations, thus motivating them to adopt the new technology.

10. Surveys

The foundation to any strategy development or plan design, Surveys are considered a vital tool for smooth and optimized internal communications; one of the most prevalent and effective method used to tap valuable, unbiased and unadulterated employee responses, especially in large organizations, where management needs to measure the pulse and obtain feedback from thousands of employees.

Our surveys are created after a thorough background research of your organization and customized to suit your data requirement and information needs. Engaging contemporary technological platforms, the surveys and are designed creatively in various formats (quiz, self-assessment surveys, questionnaire etc.) incorporating high engagement elements like reward programs etc., to ensure active response from the target audience. The surveys feature straightforward simple matrix allowing data analysis in real-time for quick and efficient filtering of the information.